Hospitality: Lon Dyer, Chair.  Leslie Crawford-Pieper, Vaughn Carter, Paul Canny, Nancy Vogt, Tedda Watts, Barb Casey and Leslie Child 

Finance: Jim Wharry, Chair.  Carol Conway, Dick Vautravers, Velda Menard and Bob Shapiro

Golf: Carol Conway, Chair.  Mike Beaver, Greg Hanel and Judy Dyer, 

Architecture: Mike Beaver, Chair.  Linda Siedhoff, Susan Schatz,  Annie Votipka, Scott Deckert and Nancy Ediger 

Landscape: Carol Conway, Chair.  Tammy Hanel, Mona Way, Judy Dyer and Joann Trumper 

Long-range Planning: Vaughn Carter Co- Chair, and Dottie Shapiro Co-chair.  Tammy Hanel, Linda Siedhoff, Judy Dyer, Jane Haire, Barb Casey and Dave Fries, 

Concrete: Jim Wharry, Chair.  Ned Hedges, Bob Webb and Dottie Shapiro 

Rental:  (ad hoc) Tammy Hanel, Chair. Linda Siedhoff, Greg Hanel, Katie Pocras and Jim Munford

Court Captains: Linda Siedhoff, Chair 

Parking Enforcement:  Linda Siedhoff, Chair