Updated Sewer Plan on Web Site under Association.

An updated sewer plan for 2018 has been added to the web site under Association/Sewer Plans.  This was added in April, 2018.


The Covenants for Wellington Greens Homes Association require the Board to approve a budget and set the monthly association dues prior to September 1 for the next fiscal year which begins on October 1.  The Board carried out its duties at the August 2017 meeting by approving a budget and voting to increase the dues for 2017-2018 by $10 per month to $160.

The approved budget includes $25,000 for concrete replacement and $15,000 for tree removal and replacement.  We have not budgeted for concrete work for the past several years since we began paying for the Maintenance Building.  We also are beginning to budget for the removal and replacement of our 59 remaining ash trees that we be diseased and die within the next few years.

Our dues were last increased to $150 in 2012.  Dues cover all common area maintenance expenses, including mowing, snow removal, driveway replacement, golf course maintenance and tree removal and planting.  Dues also include all water and sewer fees for common areas as well as individual residences.  Sewer and water accounts for about $30 of our monthly dues, which is a bargain compared to charges for residences throughout the city.  Our Covenants state that all 277 units pay their equal share of common area expenses.

ATTEMPTED BREAK-INS:  A Wellington Greens resident living in San Simeon reported 2 recent attempts to break-in to their residence.  This is just another reminder that although Wellington Greens is a peaceful place to live, that we still need to be diligent in locking our doors and being safe.