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Welcome To Wellington Greens!

Picture yourself in a comfortable home, in a neighborhood with people who know one another and are always willing to help. Add to that surroundings that are park-like with mature trees, shrubs and flowers. Toss in a very secure and safe area with little or no crime. Don’t forget to include the 9-hole par-3 golf course. Top it off with minimal traffic and noise pollution and you have the Wellington Greens community.

We’re situated on a 70-acre site in East Lincoln within easy walking distance to Holmes Lake, one of Lincoln’s favorite parks. As show in the aerial photograph below, Wellington Greens is located approximately at 70th and South St and Old Post Road in Lincoln, Nebraska. There are 277 townhomes thoughtfully arranged in 20 courts surrounded by generous amounts of green space, including the par-3 golf course, that sets our community apart from many other townhome developments in Lincoln.

Wellington Greens was planned and construction initiated by Trend Homes in 1967. The final units were added in 1974. Initially, there was a European influence in the designs of the townhomes, and certainly a British influence in naming the courts within the community. Over the years, many of the townhomes have been updated and remodeled. One unique aspect of the community is the variety of architecture that is evident as you meander through and among the various courts.  

Wellington Greens is much like a small town of 350 to 400 residents. Instead of a City Council, we have a six-member Board of Directors elected by the members they represent. In addition to the golf course, our residents enjoy casual walks amongst the trees and through the common areas, social gatherings and a sincerely relaxed lifestyle. The golf course and all common areas are maintained by a crew who can be seen on a daily basis attending to everything from mowing the greens to picking up yard waste.