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Annual Meeting Minutes

Latest Annual Homes Association Meeting

On October 29, 2023, we elected Barbara McCuen and Linda Siedhoff to our board for 3-year terms at our annual meeting. During our time together we heard that our finances were in good shape, our grounds crew are keeping the place in good shape, architecture reviews completed and generally life is good at Wellington Greens.

Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Approved Annual Membership Meeting Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • Approved Annual Membership Meeting Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • Approved Annual Membership Meeting Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • Approved Annual Membership Meeting Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • Approved Annual Membership Meeting Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • October 29, 2017

    Board Members Present:  Jim Davidson, president, Tom Johnson, vice-president, Dick Vautravers, Treasurer, Carol Conway, Paul Canny and Steve Imes.

    Staff: Don McIntyre

     The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by President Davidson.

    President Davidson acknowledged the residents in attendance and asked new residents to please stand and acknowledged them.  He introduced Board members Tom Johnson, Dick Vautravers, Carol Conway, Paul Cany, Steve Imes and Administrative Assistant Don McIntyre

    President Davidson asked for approval of the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes.  A motion was made by Annie Votipka and seconded by Ned Hedges that they be approved. The motion carried.

    President Davidson introduced the candidates up for election to the Board of Directors and asked them to make their presentation to the group.  Dick Vautravers had them draw lots for the order of speeches. The candidates to be elected are Jim Davidson, Lonnie Fuerniss, Tom “TJ” Johnson and Bill Rice.

    The Candidates made their presentations and took questions.

    President Davidson called a recess so that members could cast their ballots.

    The meeting was called back to order and as the votes were being counted, the officers gave their annual reports.

    President’s State of the Association – James Davidson

    This has been a good and a tough year. We have the campus looking well thanks to ample rainfall all season.  We endured a storm earlier that is on par with the October storm of twenty years ago that hit Lincoln.  Our maintenance crew did an outstanding job in dealing with the debris, and did it quickly.

    The roof is replaced, and new gutters are up on the clubhouse. I think it looks great, and it did not cost a penny out of pocket.  The painting of the outside will be done this spring with the advent of warm weather.  I believe that the changes are quite positive.

    We had a marvelous 50th Anniversary celebration with over 100 in attendance. A big thank you goes out to the social committee in putting this together.

    We continue to work on how and what to do to bring the clubhouse up to date.  Paul Canny will address that issue shortly.

    We raised dues this fall to enable us to operate in a favorable light, and Dick Vautravers does an excellent job with his finance committee in keeping us on the right path as good stewards. Dick also handles the treasurer’s function without pay and he is to be commended for his diligence.

    Don McIntyre continues to do an outstanding job as the administrative assistant to the board and is very much appreciated.

    TJ Johnson works diligently with the social committee to bring interesting happenings to this wonderful place. He and his committee are greatly appreciated.

    Paul Canny works with the property and concrete and has been above and beyond the call of duty in working to develop solid plans for the roof, gutters, outside and the interior of the clubhouse.

    Carol Conway on the golfing committee does a wonderful job in selling golf memberships and handling the golf leagues which bring in out $27,000 of revenue. She is also the landscape person as well and has lots of phone calls, meetings and emails.

    Steve Imes has one of the most challenging positions with architecture. We are as a board making effort to keep this association looking up to date, clean, and painted. Without the help of Steve, I am not sure what we would do.

    The board is a blessing to work with. We work hard, laugh hard and plan for the future of Wellington Greens. The plans we make do not happen overnight, and the frustration is getting a project going and then waiting on a contractor…. things do not always move quickly.

    I would be remiss if I did not tell you what a tremendous asset Dan Riner and his crew are. They are dependable, hardworking and have a heart to serve this community.  They are grossly underappreciated.

    Thank you for an opportunity to serve

    Treasurer Report – Dick Vautravers

    The financial statements, compiled by our independent accountant, Watts and Hershberger are available at the sign-in desk.  Does everyone who wants a copy have a copy of the report?

    Page 1 of the statements indicates that our Accountant reported no deficiencies in their review of our financial information. Jim Watts remains very positive about the financial controls, division of duties and professional knowledge of our accounting firm Professional Accounting Services.  Our account is handled by Stan Martin and Barb Geiger.  Stan is a resident of Wellington Greens, but is unable to attend today’s meeting due to a family obligation.

    The Balance Sheet on page 2 shows our current assets of $107,010 are in excess of our current liabilities of $63,386.  Our cash on hand has increased from by amount $14,000 to $79,125. This represents about 2 months of expenses, which is our preferred minimum cash position.  Our cash balance was depleted by about $21,000 due to the August windstorm.  We still have five trees to remove that were damaged in that storm, so the total uninsured damage will be over $25,000.  This is why we accumulate cash reserves.

    Page 3 shows the results of operations in the year ending September 30, 2017.  Our revenue in excess of expenses was $22,719 compared to $38,143 last year.  The decrease is due primarily to the storm damage mentioned earlier.  The statement of revenue and expenses doesn’t consider the $28,004 of principal repayments made during the year (this goes to decrease the outstanding loan on the balance sheet).  I’ll point out several other income and expenses items:  Revenue from sale of non-resident golf memberships and from guest fees increased to $28,425; health insurance increased to over $20,000 for two full-time employees and families; and water expenses totaled nearly $95,000 in spite of it being a wet year, but is still a bargain at less that $30 per month per resident for both household and common area water.

    The board voted in August to increase our monthly association dues by $10 per month to $160.  This is necessary to add back some tree removal, tree replacement and concrete replacement expenses into the budget.  We have not repaired concrete in the last two years, so we have budgeted $25,000 for this fiscal year.  We still have 59 remaining ash trees that will need to be removed as they become diseased over the next few years.  Our dues were last increased to $150 five years ago.  Dues increases have basically mirrored cost of living increases over the past 20 years.

    Our independent Accountant remarked on how stable our financial statements are from year to year.  This is true, but the aging infrastructure will continue to lead to larger expenses in the future.  And we will continue to need to replace trucks and mowers.

    I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the Financial Statements.

    A question was asked about how much the Association had in accounts in arrears.  Dick said it is about $35,000 up from $33,000 last year and that we had about six problem households.  A question was how many rental units do we have and Don said between 35 and 40.  A comment was made about league golfers trespassing and leaving beer bottles and trash and Carol said that was being resolved.

    Concrete – No Report

    Landscape – Carol Conway

    First of all, I want to say that it has been a pleasure to work with this board.  We get a lot of work done, but we also enjoy ourselves, thanks to our fearless leader.

    I also want to commend Dan Riner and his crew for the job they do every day.  There is a lot of work to do around here and they somehow get it done.  There is a box in front of the clubhouse that contains work order forms.  If you need something done around your unit that is the association’s responsibility, please fill out one of these forms.  There is another box out front where you can put completed forms.  The crew might not get to your request right away, but please be patient because they will eventually get to it.

    The storm in August turned out to be very costly for us because of tree removal and stump grinding.  We had to remove 5 trees and had 3 trees that needed to be trimmed.  There were 5 tree building incidents.  A total of 9 trees have been removed year to date.

    The crew worked 8 full days just on clean-up and filled 16 30-yard dumpsters.  There are still 7 large trees to be removed commercially…4 of them from the storm.  Three of the removals are requests from residents.

    Unfortunately, we only lost 1 ash tree in the storm.  There are still 58 ash trees remaining that need to be removed.

    Dan has planted 25 new trees this year.  I have people ask if they can purchase trees and I want to cover the procedure with you.

    The first step is to go to a nursery and pick out a tree or trees that you wish to have planted around your unit.  Dan does recommend that these be strictly ornamental trees.  Once you have picked out a tree then please contact me with the type of tree and I will run it past Dan.  After the selection is approved, we will provide you with a flag to put in your desired location.  Pleas keep in mind that the big mower needs room to get around the new tree/trees.  The next step will be to have Dan approve the location.

    So, once we get approval from Dan on selections/location, you can purchase your tree and have the nursery plant it.  Keep in mind that Dan’s crew will not plant these trees.  They need to be planted by the nursery.

    We do have one resident who has gone through this process and will be having 4 trees planted around her unit.

    Now, on to snow!  Unfortunately, it’s coming.  The crew can start about 3 am unless there is wind involved.  If the snow is very heavy, they will make one pass through each court so people can get out if they need to.  We appreciate patience considering the number of courts they have to clear.

    I encourage all of you to thank Dan and his crew.  I frequently walk in the mornings and take every opportunity I get to tell the crew what a great job they are doing.  Thanks for your time.

    Golf – Carol Conway

    We brought in $28,425 this past year in golf through non-resident memberships and guest fees.  We have the same leagues as in the past.  We have two volunteer marshals.

    Architectural – Steve Imes

    Steve thanked the Board for their time, experience and expertise.  He said he had lived in Wellington Greens for 17 years.  He thanked the residents for their cooperation in complying with request to make repairs to their properties.  He said there have been some disagreements but usually everything got resolved.  We had issues with the wing walls in Canterbury.  Some walls were removed and replaced and some were repaired.  He said Tom Duey, resident and contractor was helpful.  Steve said he view all 277 units and gave information to Don McIntyre to send out letters and he sent out 79 letters.  Most residents complied and a few ignored the letters and they will be visited again.  Steve ask for questions and Don Raven said there were three rentals in San Simeon and they had weeds, a spare tire and that curb appeal should be a concern.  Steve said he would look into that.  A resident asked about color codes and Steve said that some of the courts in the color code chart need to be updated and that if you were not sure to take a paint chip and the color can be determined.  Steve was asked to what extent are owners compelled to make repairs and Steve said that the letters sent give the owners a designated date and if he is not contacted or repairs are not made, the Association hires someone to do the repairs and it is charged to the owner and a lien is taken if necessary.

    Social Committee and Court Captains – Tom Johnson

    Tom had members of the Social Committee stand.  He said the 50th Anniversary event was a success with a very good turnout, the car show, cake and ice cream and the barbershop quartet.

    Tom said that Marian Fisher was in charge of court captains and that she was no longer a resident of Wellington Greens, but that she did a very good job.

    Long-Range Planning and Clubhouse renovation: – Paul Canny

    Paul said he enjoyed working with this Board, that they are an amazing group of people and work very hard for no pay.

    Paul said that the Long-Range Planning committee had done cost studies on remodeling the clubhouse in 2009 and 2010.  He said the Board was considering remodeling the clubhouse in phases starting with the upstairs by removing a stairwell and installing an ADA compliance bathroom and possible removing one wall and installing a counter in the kitchen and remodeling the entry way.  Paul said we will contract to have the exterior painted this spring.  After discussion the members were asked for a show of hands on whether the Association should: 1, take out a loan and do all the remodeling at once; 2, Do it all at once with a special assessment or 3, Do the work in stages.  A majority of the members wanted to do the work in stages.

    More residents’ questions to the Board members were taken.

    Election results were announced by Dick Vautravers.  James Davidson and Tom Johnson were elected to the Board of Directors.

    President Davidson thanked the volunteers that worked today.  He reminded everyone of Bridge and Pitch in the clubhouse.

    President Davidson declared the meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

    Respectively submitted: W. Don McIntyre, Administrative Assistant

  • Annual Membership Meeting 2016 Unapproved Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • October 25, 2015

    Board Members Present:  Tom Johnson, vice-president, Dick Vautravers, Treasurer and Steve Imes.

    Staff: Don. McIntyre

    The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Vice-President Johnson.

    Vice-President Johnson asked for prayers for Jim and Marlene Davidson and any other Wellington Green’s resident that were ill and asked if there were any new residents in attendance and to stand and state their names and addresses.  Ken Rouch stood and introduced himself.  Vice-President Johnson introduced Board members Dick Vautravers and Steve Imes and Administrative Assistant Don McIntyre

    Vice-President Johnson confirmed that there was a quorum in attendance.

    Vice-President Johnson asked for approval of the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes.  A motion was made and seconded that they be approved. The motion carried.

    Vice-President Johnson introduced the candidates up for election to the Board of Directors and asked them to draw a number to determine the order in which they would present their presentation to the group.  The candidates to be elected are Ray Daniel, Paul Canny, Dick Vautravers and Steve Imes.  Paul Canny spoke first followed by Dick Vautravers and Steve Imes.  Vice-President Johnson read information from Ray Daniel’s biography.  Vice-President Johnson asked for questions from the audience and there were none.

    Vice-President Johnson called a recess so that members could cast their ballots.

    The meeting was called back to order and as the votes were being counted, the officers gave their annual reports.

    President’s State of the Association – James Davidson

    (Read by Vice-President Johnson) The year 2014-2015 has proved to be a good year for Wellington Greens. We have been blessed with an abundance of rain, the campus looks great, and we look for better things ahead.

    A special thanks once again to Dan and his crew at the Maintenance Building. They take their work seriously and do an excellent job. They arrive early in the morning and put in an honest day’s work day after day.

    Their snow removal process is an arduous task. They have 20 courts to clear, 277 driveways and 2 ½ miles of sidewalk. So, if it appears on a big snow day that they are not and about, believe me they are. Enjoy a hot chocolate, keep your outside lights on which help the men, and be patient.

    Our board continues to be a delight to work with month after month. Our meetings are at the clubhouse, third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. You are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Dues will not be raised for the coming year. I regularly receive calls from other associations here and Omaha to inquire why WGHA is run so well. The reason is you! We are a village unto ourselves, and by and by overall we work well together.  The dues structure with what it provides is a steal when compared to other Presidents I have visited.  I am grateful.

    Our finances in a word are in good shape. Thanks to each and every member who spend their time on the board. They are a delight for me to interact with. If I may be of service, you only need to ask. James Owen Davidson

    Treasurer Report – Dick Vautravers

    The Report of our independent accounting Watts and Hershberger is available at the sign in desk if anyone did not receive a copy. There were no deficiencies noted in the report. From a balance sheet perspective on page 2, I would note that we have nearly $108,000 of cash. However, we still have one outstanding issue with our maintenance building and we are holding about $16,000 in cash that will be payable to our builder when the outstanding issue is resolved. Nevertheless, our cash position is very good. Our member assessments receivable went up slightly, and we increased our reserves for potential bad debts. We just had one unit foreclosed and sold at auction and we did not have our lien repaid.

    Our statements of Revenue and Expenses on page three showed that we had a positive revenue over expenses of $44,947 for the year. It should be noted that our building loan, and the repayment of principal that is made, does not flow through this statement. Thus, for each of the next 7 years we will be making loan repayment that will not be reflected in this statement. Only the interest payments flow through as expense. So our cash flow position will not be as strong as our statement of revenue and expenses would indicate.

    There are no other significant changes in revenue or expenditures this past year.

    I would like to recognize one of our residents, Stan Martin, who does our billing and accounting. We are fortunate to have a resident and an experienced CPA to handle this important job. I would also like to recognize Assistant Treasurer Ruth Manke who writes our checks and is a member of the Finance Committee, and Valda Menard, the other member of the Finance Committee.

    The board voted in August to leave the monthly assessment at $150 for this fiscal year. The board will attempt to keep assessments at this level as long as possible, but maintenance cost for our campus continues to increase and it is inevitable that there will be a dues increase in the future.

    I would be happy to entertain any questions regarding the financial report.

    There were no questions.

    Long Range Planning and Sewer – Dick Vautravers

    We completed our major project of the new maintenance building and took occupancy on January 9, 2015.  This building should be self-sufficient for the next 50 years, with very little maintenance, so we are pleased to have this project behind us.  However, we will be paying off the loan for the next seven years, so this will limit our flexibility for major projects during that period.  The loan payments amount to about $10 per month for each resident.

    We last did a long-range needs study in 2013-2014.  That study identified the maintenance building as our top priority, followed by a clubhouse renovation/rebuild and an irrigation system for the golf course and common area.  During this year we have added a project to our list – removal of ash trees that will be killed by the ash borer insect.  We have 81 ash trees on our campus, all large and mature.  This will be a significant annual expenditure over the next 10 years.  We also are faced with the repair of brick walls in the Canterbury courts.  There are 11 fences in total on Canterbury common area, and several of these walls have had severe cracking and/or lean.  We are trying to develop a plan for how to repair or replace these walls.  And as reported in the concrete report, we have ongoing needs to restore areas of deteriorated concrete.

    The sewer clean-outs, which was our last major capital project, is in the maintenance phase.  We are doing most courts on an ever-five-years basis, and a few courts on an every-two-years.  This maintenance effort is built into our annual budget.

    I would be happy to answer questions regarding the long-rang planning report.

    Concrete Dick Vautravers for Glenn Miller

    Glenn Miller joined the board during the past year following a resignation. He has served as Secretary and as chair of the Concrete Committee.  He was unable to attend today’s meeting, so I will report for him.

    A concrete priority study was completed during the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  The highest priority needs were repaired in November and December, 2014 (this fiscal year) at a cost of over $20,000.  The priority study identified “Priority 2 projects for future work”.  It is assumed we will rework that study later this year and do more concrete work early in the next fiscal year.  For information purposes, we have spent about $350,000 repairing concrete over the past 12 years. The last study included criteria for replacing concrete.  In general, cracks or pooling water during rain storms does not by itself create the highest priority for repair.  If you have questions about concrete repair, please submit your questions to Glenn or to the board.

    I will try to answer any questions you might have on concrete repair.

    Architectural – Steve Imes

    Steve thanked the Board for their time, experience and expertise.  He thanked the residents for calling him when they received a letter about repairs needing to be done and getting back to him when the repairs were made.  He said the board decided to have work done at 7541 OPR because the curb appeal was not good.  The board wanted it to look better from the outside.  The board billed the tenant for the work that was done.  He said we will continue to work with the tenants on the brick walls on OPR and also include the Landscape Committee.  Steve asked if there were questions.  Dottie Shapiro ask if there was a plan for landscaping at OPR and South Street.  Dick stated that there had been discussion and Dan is working on it, but there is limited money to work there and also to work to hide the dumpster west of the maintenance building. Dottie said we need a group of volunteers to help clean up.  Dick agreed.

    Landscape – Steve Imes for Marlene Davidson

    It is my pleasure to serve the wonderful community of Wellington Greens as Landscape Chairman.  First, I would like to commend and thank our superintendent, Dan Riner.  He has been employed at Wellington Greens for 40 plus years, and he cares for our campus as though it is his own property.  At Wellington Greens we have 11 acres of golf course, approximately 20 acres of lawn, 2 ½ miles of sidewalk, and 20+ courtyards.  Dan and his crew of three keep the entire area immaculate.  Not only does he oversee the maintenance building and its new construction, the underground sewer system, and grading to achieve proper water runoff, but he keeps the grounds looking like a park.  Dan and his crew work overtime many times to keep this place beautiful.  When weather does not allow them to mow and maintain the grounds, they even come back to work on the weekends.  Not many employees have that kind of commitment. Dan and his crew are the best-kept secret.  Being a licensed arborist and attending classes constantly to stay abreast of the most current information, Dan continues to take down problem trees and replace them with better selections.

    Ash trees have been smitten with Emerald Ash Borer disease. It started in the states east of Nebraska.  Within a short time, you will see ash trees dying.  Therefore, they will be marked with an “X” for removal.  This will change the look of our landscape in many areas.  Dan diligently plants new trees to take their places.

    Dan and his crew continue to seed and over seed grass in troubled areas.  Taking advantage of the wonderful rains we have received over the last couple of years has made our campus gorgeous. Those who have lived here over the years say this is the best Wellington Greens has ever looked.  Thanks, Dan and crew.

    The exceptional rains we have enjoyed are a two-edged sword.  They have made our landscape breathtaking. However, they have also wreaked havoc with drainage in some areas.  While we all love the shade the huge trees provide, some of the maple trees with roots above ground allow erosion on some side hills.   Grass cannot grow because of all the shade, and the roots can even cause destruction of walls and foundations in some areas.  Some types of maple trees do not withstand treacherous weather, wind, and squirrels very well.  So, some of them are being weakened from the inside out.  Dan is working on a plan to systematically replace them with more favorable choices.

    I rely on you to keep me informed when landscaping falls into disarray.  Without your help, our community would not be as beautiful as it is.  The association pays for and maintains the two entrances into our area at South Street and Old Post Road.  When landscaping is necessary within the cul-de-sac, meet with one another and your court captain.  Bring your new ideas to me, and I will share them with the board.  Any realistic plan will most likely be approved.  In your private space, the same thing is true.  After your plan is approved, you are free to proceed.  This is only to keep some uniformity in our landscape.  We just want to eliminate bushes or trees that are too big, cause problems with foundations, or hang over the neighbor’s property.  We like to reduce the possibilities of ugly situations in the future.

    Finally, the winter months are approaching with probable snow and inclement weather.  The maintenance crew removes snow on your driveway and on the street.  You are responsible for snow removal in your patio area and two feet out from your garage. (The large machines cannot get any closer to the garage door without possible damage.)  The crew begins to remove snow about 3 a.m.   If there is wind, they have to wait until it is reasonable to begin.  If snow is overly heavy, they make one pass through every court, so folks can get out.  Then they come back to fine-tune.  If you are tempted to call and say they didn’t quite get all the snow removed in front of your property, just have another cup of coffee and enjoy the snowfall.  They will get the job done decently and in order.  Be thankful they are doing all the work so we don’t have to do it.

    This is truly a magnificent setting in which to live.  Let’s make a concerted effort to make it the friendliest, most stunning setting to call home.

    A member of the audience asked how many Pine trees we have. It was suggested that Don put in the newsletter the number of different trees.

    Golf – Tom Johnson

    Tom said that we raised the fees for guest from $5 to $8. He said we have 70 new non-resident golf memberships which has increased the revenue by 5% and that we have six golf leagues. He said he wished to complement Dan for the outstanding appearance of the golf course.

    Hospitality Committee – Tom Johnson

    Tom introduced three members of the Hospitality Committee that were in attendance, Ken Rouch, Marian Fischer and Donna Swartz. He said that we have had three fun functions this year and that the next one would be December 12, 2015 at the clubhouse, a Holiday event.  He said the Hospitality Committee had raised over $2000 for clubhouse renovation.  He introduced Marian Fischer for the Court Captains report.

    Court Captains – Marian Fischer.

    We are fortunate to have excellent Wellington Court Captains.  Each Court Captain keeps in touch with those residents in their respective courts through email, a phone call or merely a verbal “hi” from the yard.  Court Captains are friendly people who just want to help……..they are great neighbors!  Court Captains are especially helpful as the Hospitality Committee plans for each of their FOUR annual events. Communicating the interest of their residents helps the committee know how much food and drink to order especially since we have stopped selling tickets in advance.  We have started having co-court captains.  Here is a list of the court captains and the courts that we need captains.

    A Big THANK YOU to the following Captains:

    Cambridge:  Veronica Penn                                   Cromwell:  Charles & Donna O’Grady

    Kensington:  Barbara McCuen                               Kimberly Ct:  Ken Rouch

    Wellington:  Mary Vesely and Don McIntyre          Briar Glynn:   Shirley Flynn

    Chatham:  JoAnn Trumper / Linda Esterling          Sunbury:  Donna Schwartz & TJ Johnson

    Ramsgate:  Peg Liming                                          Pembrook Place:  David Barr

    Regency:  Lily Hans                                               San Simeon:  NEED

    Gramercy:  Nan Hessee and Lisa Hayes               Devonshire:  Shirley Schafer

    Canterbury South:  NEED                                      Blenheim:  Carl Engstrom

    Canterbury West:  NEED                                       Tiffany Place:  Connie Strohmeyer

    Canterbury East:  Annie Votipka

    Residents’ questions to the Board members were taken.

    Election results were announced.  Dick Vautravers and Steve Imes were elected to the Board of Directors.

    Vice-President Johnson thanked the volunteers that worked today.  He reminded everyone of Bridge and Pitch in the clubhouse.

    Vice-President Johnson declared the meeting adjourned at 3:44 p.m.

    Respectively submitted: W. Don McIntyre, Administrative Assistant

  • Annual Membership Meeting 2014 Approved Minutes - Wellington Greens Home Owners Association

  • October 27, 2013

    Board Members Present:  Jim Davidson, President, Jane Haire, vice-president, Dick Vautravers, Secretary, Ruth Manke, Treasurer, Steve Imes and Bob Webb.

    Staff: Don. McIntyre

    The meeting was called to order at 2:08 p.m. by President Davidson.

    President Davidson asked if there were any new residents in attendance.  Dale and Nancy Hardy, 7501 OPR # 7 and George Tuck, 7420 South Street # 21 introduced themselves.  Jane Jameson, 7420 South St. #4, announced that she was moving “with regrets”.

    President Davidson introduced the Board of Directors and Administrative Assistant Don McIntyre.  He also recognized Stan Martin, our accountant, and expressed much gratitude to Mike Cowan for creating and maintaining the Association web site from inception to date.  Mike was not in attendance, but his wife, Cherie and brother, Thomas expressed their appreciation.

    President Davidson confirmed that there was a quorum in attendance.

    President Davidson asked for approval of the 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes.  Sue Keller moved that the 2012 minutes be approved.  Roscoe Shields seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

    Jane Haire extended a very special thank you to the candidates willing to run for the Board.  She estimated that we asked over 100 people, some of whom have very strong opinions and who declined, and only four people stepped up.  There was a recommendation and concern that the only way we would get people willing to serve was to offer some kind of payment.  She said we should not need to do this.  Jane said that being on the Board is a time commitment.  Sometimes it is minimal and sometimes it is substantial.  She asked that you remember this is a volunteer board.   It is an act of service for the good of the community.  Sometimes it is very hard.  Board members get yelled at, cussed at and criticized.  And it is also very rewarding.  She expressed the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful kind people.  This is a good Board and you have strong candidates, she said.  We are in good hands.  Help them.  Be kind.  Show up at Board meetings; express your ideas and thoughts politely and constructively.  The Board cannot do this alone.  There is not enough time or resources for six people to do all that need to get done.

    She introduced Marlene Davidson, Cynthia Sherman, Sue Keller and Daryln Hansen.

    Each candidate made a presentation to the members.  Jane asked if there were any questions and there were none.

    President Davidson called a recess so that members could cast their ballots.

    The meeting was called back to order and as the votes were being counted, the officers gave their annual reports.

    Long Range Planning

    Jane presented a Power Point presentation on Strategic Planning/Long Range Planning.  She explained how the Board prioritized needs.  She said that the 2009 Long Range Planning plan was a good plan that identified issues and opportunities, but it served as a guide and not as a governing document.  She explained that Board first established their goals and identify needs.  The needs identified were new maintenance building, update clubhouse, irrigation system for golf course, finish sewer project, restoration of turf and common areas, concrete repairs, ongoing maintenance for sewer lines and ongoing education and communication with residents.  The priorities were to explore options for Maintenance building, irrigation system for golf course and restoration of turf and concrete repairs.  Jane encouraged the residents to volunteer, to help neighbors that need help with upkeep of property, to help with the website by contributing articles, blogs, etc.

    Court Captains

    Jane repeated thank you several times to those court captains for their willingness to serve.  They are truly the soldiers of service.  There are several courts that do not have court captains.  Communication will be more limited, your needs will not be heard as readily and you do not have an advocate should needs arise.  It was the consensus of the court captains to communicate primarily through email.  It is much more efficient.  However, there is something lost in actual face to face time.  When you change your email address, let Don know.  Keep your resident list up to date, it is critical in case of an emergencies.


    Jane said that Don and she will oversee the site.  Remember the price is right so be patient.  We are adding some features that will be rolled out.  It is intended to be easy to access information.  The Board meeting minutes and financials will be stored for a three month period of time.  It is not an archival site.  We have included a blog for residents to share information.  We have added a “Courts of Wellington Greens” page that will include a brief description of the court and architectural information, paint color specs, helpful information, sewer line information.  Leave your feedback.  It is for you.  As new families move in and we are seeing younger families move in, this is an important means of communication.  The newsletter is not going to be replaced or duplicated on the website.  It is just one more way to communicate and create community.

    Secretary Report

    Dick indicated that Don did the minutes and newsletter.

    Treasurer Report

    Ruth introduced herself.  She said, in addition to being a member of the Board, she is also the chairperson of the finance committee. She thanked the other members of the committee, Dick Vautravers and Velda Menard for their participation and contributions during the past year.  One of the primary responsibilities of the finance committee is to prepare and present to the full Board the annual operating budget for their approval.  Then, actual operating income and expenses are compared to the budget on a monthly basis, and all material variances are reviewed and discussed by the Board.  For the year ended September 30, 2013, the actual revenues exceeded expenses, and were favorable to the budgeted amounts.   In addition to approving the operating budget for income and expenses, the Board evaluates the capital expenditures that might be required for the year.  The Board has determined there will be no increase in monthly dues for the upcoming year.  The annual budget for the next year has been approved by the Board based on no increase.  The preparation of the annual budget is not without its challenges, including current economic conditions and Mother Nature, but the overall financial position of Wellington Greens is very sound.  The two year total sewer project is nearly completed and totally paid for in the amount of $148,000.  This was a very necessary project, and resulted in many plumbing improvements and a complete mapping of the community to have going forward.   Our independent accountants have prepared the compiled financial statements for the year ended September 30, 2013 and copies of those are available to you.  All of us on the Wellington Greens Board are looking forward to another great year and to be the best possible stewards of all our resources.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Bob Hans ask why there was such a large increase in the accounts receivable as compared to last year.  Ruth said that the total accounts receivable at the current year end is $21,599.  There are three units that have not made any dues payments for this year, and one unit is currently being managed by the Housing and  Urban Development for which only a partial year’s dues payments have been made.  This accounts for approximately $6,400 of the $6,900 increase.  These four units owe a total of nearly $17,000, which accounts for 78% of the total dollar amount of the accounts receivable, and only about 2% of the total 277 units.  Liens are filed on these four properties.


    Steve thanked the Board for their time, experience and expertise.  He gave a special thank you to Bob and Jane and said they will be missed.  He thanked the members of the Architectural Committee, Betsey Cowan, Paul Pocock, Sue Keller, Marty Proctor and Don McIntyre for getting the letters out.  He said that his personal contact with residents of the community was rewarding and apologized to those that he missed calling back.  The spring walk around turned into the spring, summer, fall walk around.  137 letters were sent to units that were in need of some repairs.  Twenty-eight letters are pending.  60% of the units will receive letters.  The three major categories are monitor or clutter, minor repair and significant repair that could affect neighboring property values.  Dry rot and paint appeared in a majority of the letters.  Committee work planned for this winter is to update the paint codes as they are outdated and some are no longer produced.  An updated list of contractors, handyman, and exterior painters would be helpful so it can be passed to those who need assistance.


    Bob reported that we had six golf leagues and that the association receives $4,000 from the leagues.  He said we had five tournaments this year in April, June, July, August and September and that in May we had our annual youth golf clinic.  We charge $15 for the golf tournaments and pay back 100% after recovering expenses.  Sarah Sasse did the golf clinic and has agreed to do it again next year.  Dues for non-resident golfers were raised 10% across the board, member dues went to $275.  We try to have about 100 non-resident golfers and last year we had 89.  Green fees were down $4,000 last year.

    Sewer Report

    Jim thanked Dan and Spencer and indicated that the sewer project was completed for all intents and purposes. He suggested that residents have the portion of the sewer line in their units that is their responsibility cleaned, that the cost was $90.  Jane said to know where your inside tap is located and suggested that it be cleaned out every two years.

    Dave Owen ask for clarification as to what was the Association’s responsibility was and what was the resident’s responsibility was and indicated that he thought the Board had decided to do all the lines.  Dave explained that most buildings have a common line underneath the building; some had lines behind the buildings and some had small lines going out to the main.  Dick said that it was challenging for the board to do all the lines, due to the different configurations, especially since about 78 units connect directly to a city or common line.  This means clean outs can only be accomplished from within those units.  It was agreed that the board would develop a plan for how often and how to pay for cleaning out sewer lines, both in common areas and in/under residences.  The board will communicate the locations of the lines and clean-outs and the recommended plan to residents.


    Dick indicated that the Landscape Committee works closely with Head Groundskeeper Dan Riner and his crew.  As a reminder, Wellington Greens consists of 71 acres, a nine-hole golf course, approximately 4,000 trees and numerous shrubs.  Our community is now 45 years old and some of our trees, turf and shrubs are showing their age.  He said he rejoined the Board last October, and became the head of the Landscape Committee and that this is somewhat ironic, considering that he and his wife have lived in Welling Greens since 1976  and one reason that they remain here is that he does not like yard work.   He asked how did I do in my first year working on Landscape.  Dick showed a picture depicting a part of Wellington Greens in September of 2012 and then showed a picture of the same area one year later.  The first picture showed a dry drought condition and the second picture was much greener.  Dick assured everyone that he had nothing to do with this improvement.  What it shows is the following:

    1. Mother Nature plays a primary role in the appearance of the grounds;

    2. We suffered an abnormal severe drought in 2012, which affected our turf, trees and shrubs;

    3. We have made real progress during the past year due to more normal rainfall and hard work by our crew.

    The Landscape Committee has received a number of request/questions/comments from residents during the past year.  These resident requests were of three main types:

    1. A request to plant/landscape the common area adjoining their residences;

    2. Request to have our crew remove/trim/replace trees and shrubs in the common area adjacent to their property;

    3. Request for water, spraying for weeds or planting grass in the common area.

    We have responded to these requests as expeditiously as possible, although we did not always agree to perform the requested work.  Dan and his crew are very responsive, once we have agreed on an action.  But all requests are balanced against the overall needs and priorities of the community.  We have had requests to plant/landscape at the owner’s/court’s expense and effort, and we appreciate that.  Bob and Dottie Shapiro requested to establish a new entrance to their court at their expense and that was granted, and we appreciate that. We have also had request to remove/clean up areas in the common area that were once planted and maintained by residents.  It is a balancing act.

    One other activity of the Landscape Committee is to look at the landscaping of residents on private property.  We have sent out several letters requesting that properties be cleaned up and trees and shrubs trimmed.  In two instances, the board has voted to hire someone to clean up the property if the residents refuse to do so, and then bill the resident.

    Dick reiterated that the Wellington Green’s policy on turf as stated in the 2009 Long Range Planning Report adopted by the Board is “the policy at Wellington Greens has been that the grass in the common areas is to be maintained at a ‘park standard’, not a ‘barefoot grass standard’,  Cultural practices, including irrigation, fertilizing, mowing, weed control and application of pre-emergence have been adjusted to maintain the ‘park standard’.

    He said we are continuing steps to help the turf recover from the 2012 drought.  We will use dormant over seeding again this November in damaged areas.  This means we plant new seed using an aerator; the seed will lie dormant over the winter and then begin its growth in the spring.  Over seeding requires patience, it is a three to five year process.  We have removed a number of damaged trees during the past year.  These trees were damaged by the drought, by insects or disease or simple old age.  We have additional trees to remove or trim.  Tree removal is done on a priority basis, with higher priority given to severely damaged trees, tree limbs overhanging homes, or trees with roots causing problems with sewer, water or concrete.  We will continue the process of pruning our damaged trees, limbs and shrubs.  We do not always replace trees that have been removed.  In general, we now probably have too many trees on our grounds, which cause problems for our turf.  We do replant trees where appropriate, but we remind you that it takes a long time to grow a tree so that your area has shade.  We generally do not plant replacement trees and shrubs for purely screening or privacy purpose.  Dick thanked all who have helped keep the areas around your units looking beautiful.  We, the residents of Wellington greens, need to appreciate the large amount of green space and privacy in our community and be patient as we work to make our grounds even more beautiful.

    Addie Egan said that she used lots of Round-up.

    Shirley Schafer said she would like to have the Board meeting agendas in a more timely manner.

    President Davidson declared the meeting adjourned at 3:44 p.m.

    Respectively submitted: W. Don McIntyre, Administrative Assistant