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Coffee: The Tuesday morning Coffee Klatsch has resumed until the clubhouse is closed for remodeling. The Coffee Klatsch is held from 9 to 11 AM on Tuesdays at the clubhouse.

Snow Removal: Our Grounds Superintendent's sons will shovel snow off an owner's sidewalk and patio for $20. Please contact Nick at 402-440-1067 to schedule.

Yard Waste: Every December 1 through April 30, all residents yard waste and leaves must be put out with your weekly household garbage. It is NOT collected by the grounds crew.

Every May 1 through November 30, the grounds crew will collect grass clippings and leaves, if put in paper lawn bags and placed in the common area of your court.

Pet safety: The Wellington Greens campus is full of wonderful wildlife. Some wildlife, like coyotes, fox, eagles, hawks and owls peruse the campus, so please keep your outdoor pets safe.