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About the Association


             I know, some boring stuff, but it is kind of interesting. Keep reading...

             Wellington Greens Homes Association, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in 1967 under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act.

            The Articles of Incorporation of the Association provide, among other things, for the maintenance, preservation, and architectural control of the lots and common area in the plat of Wellington Greens.  The Association has the usual corporate powers, including the power to collect charges and assessments pursuant to the Declaration of Covenants. Go to Association - Covenants, Bylaws & Articles - Covenants on this website for more information.

            When incorporated, Wellington Greens had two classes of membership, Class A and Class B. Since the developer sold all of the lots, the present membership consists of only Class A members. The Declaration of Covenants recorded in the Register of Deeds office provides that every person(s) who is a recorded owner(s) of a lot(s) shall be a member of the Association, but in no event shall more than one vote be cast with respect to any one lot.

            The Association is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of six members. Each board member is the head of one or more of the following committees: Architecture, Bylaws, Concrete, Court Captains, Finance, Golf, Landscaping, Long Range Planning, Rentals and Social. Members on each committee are made up of owners in Wellington Greens. Go to Association - Covenants, Bylaws & Articles - Bylaws for information about the responsibilities of each committee. If you would like to participate on a committee, please contact the board member who chairs the committee. Go to Association - Board of Directors & Staff on this website for contact information.

            The board holds monthly meetings and an annual meeting. All meetings, locations and times are listed on the Wellington Greens website and in monthly newsletters. All general and annual board meetings are open to Wellington Greens Homes Association members. Minutes of each meeting are posted on this website.