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Sewer Recommendations

Preventative maintenance is generally required so that we don’t have sewer backups in our basements. The Board completed a major project in 2012 and 2013 to map the sewer lines within Wellington Greens, install clean out boxes and clean out all common area trunk lines and common lines underneath residential buildings. We are now in the maintenance phase of the project.

Cleanout of sewer lines for units which share a sewer line (not all units are eligible) is scheduled on a 3-year rotating cycle with Bethany Plumbing to video all lateral and main lines from eligible units and flush out if necessary. Please contact our Grounds Superintendent for more information. If you are in an eligible unit and experiencing issues with your sewer line, part or all of your expense may be covered by the WGHA. In order to qualify, you need to contact the Grounds Superintendent BEFORE hiring a plumber or your expense may not be compensated.

We would recommend that buildings consider cleaning the lines running under their buildings if it hasn’t been done in a while.  This means the owners in each building should consider going together to clean the lines under their building and sharing the cost. 

If you any have questions regarding your sewer line, please contact the Grounds Superintendents. See Association-Board of Directors & Staff on this website for contact information.