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Annual Meeting Minutes

Latest Annual Homes Association Meeting

On October 29, 2023, we elected Barbara McCuen and Linda Siedhoff to our board for 3-year terms at our annual meeting. During our time together we heard that our finances were in good shape, our grounds crew are keeping the place in good shape, architecture reviews completed and generally life is good at Wellington Greens.

Annual Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2022

Board Members Present:  Linda Siedhoff, president, Jim Wharry, Treasurer, Carol Conway, Secretary, Lon Dyer, Jeanne Johnson and Vaughn Carter.

Approved absences:  None

Staff: Don McIntyre, Administrative Assistant

The meeting was called to order at 2:01 p.m. by President Siedhoff with 43 members present.

President Siedhoff acknowledged the residents in attendance and asked new residents to please stand and she acknowledged them. She asked that all residents that have lived in Wellington Greens over 20 years to stand, asked for those over 25 years and those over 30 years. She introduced the Board members in attendance.

President Siedhoff asked for approval of the 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes.  A motion was made and seconded that they be approved. The motion carried.

President Siedhoff asked Vaughn Carter to introduce our guest speaker Dr. Zhenghong Tang.  After he was introduced, he introduced his students that were present and they made a presentation to the residents on Vision 2033, a part of the Long Rand Planning program.  The presentation included the proposal of an outdoor shelter/pavilion, updating the clubhouse, community gardens, tree planting programs and comparison of the dues and amenities of WGHA compared to other HOA in Lincoln.

President Siedhoff introduced the candidates up for election to the Board of Directors and had them make their presentation to the group.  The candidates were Mike Behne, Burke Morrow, Rod Pieper and Jeff Wilson.

The Candidates made their presentations.

President Siedhoff called a recess so that members could cast their ballots.

The meeting was called back to order and as the votes were being counted, the officers gave their annual reports.

President’s State of the Association – Linda Siedhoff

It has been a busy year at Wellington Greens.  We said goodbye to long-time employee, Dan Riner and welcomed our new grounds superintendent, Nick Horvath.  Nick has been a great addition to our staff and has done a great job this year with Ryan and Eric’s help.  They have been busy keeping the grounds growing in drought conditions, have had 72 stumps removed, reseeded areas and kept overall maintenance up to date.  We have bought some new equipment, much of it was a result of the maintenance building being broken into and equipment stolen.

Our focus, as always, is to keep Wellington Greens a great place to live. We have worked hard getting all residents into compliance with the Wellington Greens bylaws and covenants.  We had over 70 units who had not completed the work required on their homes.  We are down to approximately 12 we are working with to get work completed.  We have completed some much-needed concrete work, had several golf leagues and worked on improving some of the landscape.

We will continue to keep all repairs and replacements up to date and to keep Wellington Greens a great place to live.

Court Captains:  Linda Siedhoff

The court captains met twice this year at the clubhouse, in the spring and the fall.  Items of interest were discussed at each meeting, including golf course maintenance, landscaping and whether to eliminate rentals.  The court captains are:  Donna Schwartz, Sunbury, Bob Webb, San Simeon, Elizabeth Sorenson, Briar Glynn, Dave Fries, Kimberly, Paula Schwarton, Cromwell., Leslie Pieper, Devonshire, Lori Barr, Penbrook, Carrie Grant, Cambridge, Barb McCuen, Kensington, Carl Engstrom, Blenheim, Tedda Watts, Warwick, Connie Strohmyer and Pat Wharry, Tiffany, Annie Votipka, Canterbury, Nan Hessee, Gramercy, Velda Menard, Ramsgate, Kris Grier, Regency, Barry Johnson, Chatham, Jeff Wilson, Wellington.  Thanks to all our volunteers.

Linda Siedhoff, Court Captain Chair

Treasurer Report – Jim Wharry

There are copies of the yearend financial statements available at the back of the room.  The tax return has been filed and copy is there for your perusal also.  

We started the year with $115,224 in our checking account.  We ended up the fiscal year with a total cash balance of $164,839.  Of that amount $131,566 is in our checking account and $33,273 in a savings account for our Reserve Fund account.

We added to our cash position by the net income from our operations in the amount of $37,365.  To that amount you have to add the amount of depreciation, which is a non-cash expense, in the amount of $38,123 and an increase in our current liabilities which is mainly from the increase in prepaid dues from the association members.

We used some of that cash to purchase several pieces of equipment, a fertilizer spreader, a diesel fuel tank, a trailer for that fuel tank, and a television for the clubhouse.  This was all at a cost of $ 12,143.  We also paid $18,884 on our bank loan, which is now down to $72,539.

Financially, we are in a good position with total assets of $550,237 and total liabilities of $122,670.  Our current ratio, the comparison of current assets, cash and accounts receivables of $178,195 and current liabilities, those which have to be paid over the next twelve months, of $69,819, gives us a 2.5:1 ratio.  (A current ratio of 1.5:1 to 2:1 is considered favorable, so with a current ratio of 2.5:1 we are in a good financial position.

We did well on operations as shown by a net income of $37,365 for the year.  We have $6,138 more in income than budgeted, mainly through from Greens Fees revenues.  The expenses were under budget for the employees and building and grounds costs and over budget for utilities, which was due largely to the cost of water.  The total administrative costs were $15,053 under budget.

We did experience a burglary last July.   The red pickup truck was taken, along with numerous pieces of equipment.  The truck was later recovered by the Lincoln Police Department and returned to us.  The equipment was not recovered.  The insurance company reimbursed us in the amount of $2,494 for the equipment that was lost and $3,003 to repair the pickup truck.

The lockbox arrangement is operating as it should. Everything is running as it should.

 I would like to make a pitch for as many owners as possible to sign up for receiving their monthly statements and newsletters electronically.  That would be a big savings in mailing costs.  Plus, I want to make a pitch to have everyone send their dues payments to the address on the statements: PO Box 425, Gretna NE 68028.

I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to serve on the board and the support I have received from everyone.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Wharry

Concrete report – Jim Wharry

In 2021 we had a survey done of concrete repair needs. AJ Donner Construction.

Ended up showing $432,000 worth of work to be done

That first year Donner did $140,000 worth of work.

In 2022, Donner did another $25,000, finished off San Simeon Ct. which had been determined by the contractor and the maintenance staff to be most in need of repair.

This next year we have budgeted $27,000 for concrete.  We’ve had to increase the amount due to inflationary, concrete and labor are costing more.

Using that original schedule and current updating of that schedule, we will have to assess what will be done in the coming year.

A few challenges in the work being done which will have to be address in this coming year.

Golf Report – Carol Conway

The non-resident membership fees were increased in 2022.  We did have a slight decrease in membership this year.  The total non-resident membership is now at 150.  This is down a little from 2021.  But it’s still up from 2020.  

The board is considering another increase for non-resident members and for guest fees but that decision has been tabled for now.  

We know that some residents don’t like having to pay for the golf course.  But please remember that our non-resident members pay for a good portion of the care of the golf course.  Our new grounds superintendent, Nick Horvath, has estimated that 21% of the expenses go toward the golf course.  Everything else goes toward the commons area.  

The income from the golf course was $52,251.  So even though the membership dropped a little, we still brought in more money than last year from the golf course.  

Once again, I would like to remind everyone to sign in when you play and mark down your guests.  This helps us monitor the golf course for intruders.  You may pay for your guests at the time of play or it will get billed on your regular monthly dues statement.    

Also, if you are new to the community, please contact me for a golf tag.  The sticker you will receive in the mail next year is not your golf tag.  The sticker needs to go on your tag.  

Landscape – Carol Conway

The Landscape Committee sent out several letters this year for cleanup.  There are several that did not respond so the Board hired a company called Exterior Excellence.  They cleaned up 4 units so far.  The board paid for that service but the owners were billed for that cost.  So please keep in mind that you are responsible for cleaning up around your unit.  If you do not do that, the board will hire it done and you will be billed for it.  

If you would like the number of Exterior Excellence, please let me or the new Landscape Chair know and you can hire them yourselves.  This company is a young couple just getting started and they are eager for business.  They seem to do a good job and are reasonably priced.   

There was a very large white pine taken down in Kimberly Court recently at the request of the owners next to it.  There were also many stumps ground this year.  According to Nick’s records, we have approximately 23 ash trees left on campus.  

I do want to let everyone know that there is a racoon in the area.  I saw it one night when I came home after dark.  Recently I have seen several piles of waste around our house.  Please do not feed these wild animals.  

Next year, the Architecture Committee and the Landscape Committee are going to join forces to allow for more volunteers to cover all 277 units.  It’s a massive job for a small committee so I think this will be beneficial in getting properties inspected in a timelier fashion. 

Architecture – Jeanne Johnson

My name is Jeanne Johnson and I started as chair of the Architecture Committee in May of 2022 to replace Mike Beaver.  Since I started, we have received 12 change requests for various request, repairs, remodeling, painting.  We have had one non-conformity notice.  From the 2020 Architecture Survey, 14 units repairs were not completed as of November 18, 2021; two required Board intervention; one completed repair on their own.  The other unit, the Board hired a contractor to complete repairs and the owners paid the bill.  Seven will receive notice that the Board will hire contractors to complete repairs if not completed by April 1, 2023.  Five have repairs that can be delt with during the 2023 survey.  The 2023 Architecture and Landscaping survey will start April 1 and go through May 30, 2023.  Notice of the survey will be advertised starting in January, 2023 in the Wellington Greens newsletter and run through May, 2023 stating when it will happen, what will be looked at, what happens if repairs are needed.  Architecture and Landscaping Committees are combining efforts to complete more efficiently.  Both committees met October 25, 2022 to discuss the 2023 survey strategy.  Court Captains will help with communicating with their Court.  We have revised the survey form to a possible hand out form to all current and new owners so they know what to expect every year, to keep up on repairs and no surprises.  The requested repairs completion date is October 31, 2023.  The Architecture and Landscaping committees will be working on updating and beautification.  Both committees will be looking into possible ways Wellington Greens architecture and landscaping can be updated and modernized and beautified.  We will be looking for ideas such as different paint color schemes for courts, different types of garage doors and adding beautifying landscaping in courts and common area.  I am the person that you see walking the St. Bernard.  I want to remind everyone to get permission before you make changes.

Social Committee – Lon Dyer

2022 offered the Social Committee server unusual occasio0ns to celebrate.  For the first time in 50 years, we were able to celebrate a retirement and a significant hire.  We set up decorations, posted notices in each court and provided refreshments for Dan Riner’s retirement ceremony and set up decorations, posted notices in each court and provided refreshments for Nick Horvath’s welcome to Wellington Greens party.  We were able to organize and continue the tradition of the Goodwill Community Challenge Garage sale.  Wellington Greens donated over 20 tons of used items, which was good for 3rd place and $150 prize. In 2023 we intend to expand the reach of the social committee by trying some new functions.  Anyone wanting to be a part of the committee or have any ideas for the committee is appreciated.  We are looking into starting a poker night.

Long Range Planning – Vaughn Carter

Vaughn said that the 2033 Vision plan was the presentation that Dr. Tang and his students presented.  He said the Board would discuss what Dr. Tang and his students have suggested and take it into consideration in our Long Rand Planning.

President Siedhoff said that some residents are receiving their HOA dues invoice by email and that saves the Association lots of money.  She asked the residents that are still receiving their dues via US mail to let Don know their email address so they can be added to the list.

Question and answer session.

President Siedhoff thanked Carol Conway and Jim Wharry for their service on the Board and presented them with plaques and a gift card.

Election results were announced by President Siedhoff.  Mike Behne and Burke Morrow are the new members of the board.

President Siedhoff said the dues invoices will be sent out by email instead of US mail starting January, 2023 and to give Don your email address if you had not already done so.

President Siedhoff thanked the volunteers that worked today.  Annie Votipka, Bob and Dotti Shapiro and Steve and Tracy Buchanan for helping with registration and Shirley Schafer and Phyllis Mueller for helping with the vote counting.

Jim Warry moved that we adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Vaughn Carter.  Motion carried

President Siedhoff declared the meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted: W. Don McIntyre, Administrative Assistant