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Architecture Change Request Form

Architecture Change Requests: These are submitted by owners who have any requests for NEW work or changes they want done to the exterior of their property before work is started. Before submitting a request, please go to the Bylaws section of Association-Covenants, Bylaws & Articles on this website and review Architectural & Landscape Controls. Please also go to Association-Courts of Wellington Greens on this website to find specifics about your court.  

Please note: Owners do not have the right to make any architectural changes to their property without approval. Please do not assume changes can be made based on what is on another owners property. Any owner who carries out NON-approved exterior changes will be made to conform to the Covenants & Bylaws at the owner’s expense. Be sure of property lines before adding any fencing, landscaping, HVAC fan units, etc.

Please contact the Architecture Chair with any questions. See Association-Board of Directors & Staff on this website for contact information.


Architecture Change Form
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Printable Architecture Change request forms:

If you would like to print out a form, instead of sending a request through our website, please click the link below and print two forms.  Fill out both forms, one is for your records and the other should be placed in the mailbox at the clubhouse, located at 7600 Old Post Rd. Please note on your envelope “Architecture Change Order Request”