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Common Area Work Order Form

Common Area Work Orders are owner's requests related to a common area, not personal property, in Wellington Greens. They include, but are not limited to mowing, snow removal, golf course grounds, clubhouse grounds, sewer lines*, and trees, bushes and other landscaping in common areas. Common area work orders go to the Grounds Superintendent of Wellington Greens. 

*See Association-Rules & General Information on this website for sewer line information.

Please note: Owners do not have the right to install or plant anything in any common area.  Any unapproved common area work done by an owner may be required to be restored to its original condition at the owner's expense. Be sure of property lines before adding any fencing, landscaping, HVAC fan units, etc, BEFORE work is started. Please contact the Grounds Superintendent with any questions. See Association-Board of Directors & Staff on this website for contact information.

Common Area Work Order Form
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Printable Common Area Work Order forms:

If you would like to print out a form, instead of sending a request through our website, please click the button below and print two forms.  Fill out both forms; one is for your records and the other should be placed in the mailbox at the clubhouse, located at 7600 Old Post Road. Please note on your envelope “Common Area Work Order”.