Fees for Guests – Please Review

The fee for guests of residents and non-resident members is $8 per day for unlimited play.  Residents will be billed for any guests marked on the sign-in sheet in your next monthly statement.  Since we do not mail a statement to non-resident members monthly, please pay for your guests at the time you sign in.  There are envelopes that can be used to make payment.  Please provide your name and the number of guests and write clearly.  This will be a big help to our administrative staff.  Thank you for your consideration.

League Play Has Begun

Five leagues are utilizing the Wellington Greens golf course again this year.  The Wellington Greens Men’s League plays on Tuesday evenings at 5:00 p.m.  19 members are participating this year.  St. John’s has two women’s leagues playing:  Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. and Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m.  Ameritas has a league at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday and the Duffers have a women’s league Wednesday night at 6:30.  During most of the league play, there are some slots available for other golfers to use the course.


1. All members must register themselves and guests.  If you have no guests,  please XX out the “guest column” opposite your signature.  Non-resident members must pay for their guests before playing.  Place payment in the mailbox next to the bulletin board window.  If we have to bill for non-resident guests, an invoicing fee will be charged.

2. Guest fees are $8 per person. Guests must play with a member unless prior permission has been obtained for an exception to the rule.

3. Players under 14 must be accompanied by an adult member.  Those under 14 may petition the golf chair/committee to waive the adult requirement.  The committee will decide if the player has sufficient skills and maturity to play without an adult.  Golfers under 14 may be asked to leave the course if they are not accompanied by an adult, or do not have a waiver.

4. Any resident hosting a group of more than 8 players must make advance arrangements with the Administrative Assistant, Don McIntyre, 402-90-5292.                                      

5. Members of authorized golf leagues authorized by the Board are permitted to golf for the daily fee of $8 outside of their golf league play.  They are not allowed to bring guests.  They should pay the fee in cash or check and place in the mailbox on the bulletin board.

6. Each player must display a valid and current players’ tag.  Those not displaying a current tag may be asked to leave the course.

7. Golfers must wear a shirt and shoes at all times. No shoes with metal spikes are allowed.

8. Golf etiquette shall prevail at all times. Replace divots on the tee boxes and repair ball marks on all greens.  Help keep the course clean and in good condition by using litter baskets.

9. Golfers are expected to notify the owner and compensate for any damage to personal property (especially windows) surrounding the course.

10.  No vehicles of any kind are allowed on the golf course (unless approved by the golf chair or board).

11. No dogs are allowed on the course. Animal Control will be notified to serve citations to the dog owners in accordance with the Lincoln City Ordinance.

12. The Course is closed when:
a. Lightning occurs, or
b. Flags are removed from greens and signs are posted on 1, 3 and 8, or
c. There is frost.

The fee schedule for the golf course for a guest of a resident or a member is $8 per day for unlimited play. Annual non-resident members pay $300 for a family, $250 for an individual and $50 for youths (14 and under).